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Farmers & Makers

We are proud to source ingredients from the following makers: 

Thistle Farms

Global Partners

Thistle Farms operates globally so that women can feel freedom individually.

Thistle Farms partners with 35+ women survivor artisan groups in over 20 countries. By simplifying the supply chain, our Shared Trade model enables artisans to receive 50-60% of profits to reinvest back into themselves, their families and their communities.

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Moringa Madres

Located in Mexico, bringing economic growth and sustainable income to impoverished women.


A justice enterprise employing survivors who grow, harvest, and sell moringa, a nutrient-rich leaf, to gain economic freedom for their families. The moringa leaf has powerful healing properties topically or ingested, and is in many of our Body and Home products, in addition to being available as a tea.  

Las Diosas

Located in Nicaragua, with a name meaning 'The Goddesses,' consists of four small-grower cooperatives dedicated to promoting women's rights.


The Goddesses are using organic, fair-trade coffee to create generational change for women in Nicaragua. Fiercely independent and determined, the 250-member cooperative has created revolutionary sustainable commercial relations, while elevating women’s education, housing, and health.

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Local Producers

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